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The start of the season is an exciting time for all the athletes and a time for the parents to complete some paperwork for the OVA season. Please complete the following:

1. Must have a Respect In Sports (RIS) certificate number for the OVA. If you have a RIS certificate from another sport like hockey/soccer etc, the OVA will accept that certificate number. If you do not have a RIS certificate number, please complete the course at this link: https://ontvolleyballparent.respectgroupinc.com/start.jsp

2. Please complete the Membership Registration System (MRS): https://mrs.ontariovolleyball.org/Account/Login

  • RIS certificate number
  • The Wildcats are in Region 5
  • Register as “Full Membership”
  • Pick your team: Wildcats Cheetahs, Wildcats Tigers, Wildcats Lynx, Wildcats Jaguars, Wildcats Panthers, Wildcats Pumas, Wildcats Leopards, Wildcats Lions

3. Wildcats Policies, Protocols and Waiver, here is the link, https://wildcatsvc.com/wildcats-policies-protocols-waivers/

4. OVA Tournament Schedule, https://cdn4.sportngin.com/attachments/document/6f8b-2491285/YC_Competitions_Cal_2021-2022.pdf#_ga=2.34525089.1668472401.1628286883-1321659424.1626811434

5. Practice schedule will be posted on WhatsApp, if you do not have this app, please download it onto your cell.

6. Fee schedule